Nicholas Bova Spearheads Campaign to Eradicate “Single Option” Treatment and a Lack of Resources

The veterinary care industry is big. Some may argue that it is too big to the detriment of its own good. Perhaps its size makes it non-responsive and inflexible when it comes to providing specific care at the individual patient level. Others may argue that this size is a plus. It manages to impose a big defense and an expansive infrastructure of checks and balances.

The size can be good in the long term, but the victims of this size are often individual patients with very specific situations. It all leads back to access, and it is something Bova Compounding hopes to make an obsolete concern.

Stock Constraints Hold Specialists Back

When a peculiar situation arises, a veterinary care specialist may need access to a medication that is below the radar. It may be something not regularly stocked or fitted with tougher regulation. All this is well, but that result is often a discontinued label, an out of stock, or bottlenecks in disbursement. No matter the reason, the end result is the same. The specialist can’t access it.

In the wake of this scenario, many veterinarians are left in a waiting period. Bova Compounding, led by Nicholas Bova, wants to diminish this possibility as much as realistically possible. By offering tailor-made medicinal solutions, Bova can provide medication to specialists who can’t access what they need through general outlets. The medication is customized in dosage and strength to meet the individual patient’s needs.

Responding to Bad Timing for a Rare Treatment

Doctors can’t have unlimited access to all medicine, and that is an acceptable counter result of a large-scale medication infrastructure. But, what happens when a unique scenario occurs at a bad time? What happens when access is blocked or inherently delayed, affecting the health of the animal?

Bova is a complement to mainstream medication channels. When these outlets bottleneck, and they will, specialists can still receive the care resources they need. It’s a powerful strategy that could fundamentally change the landscape, especially in sub-industries where access to specialty medications is paramount. Bova Compounding supplies for zoos, for example. It is an effort Bova Compounding is pushing towards right now, taking action when it matters.

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